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Goals to achieve by the end of 2014


*** i will edit this post over the year so don’t judge how small it is to start with***
- save up $3000
- lose 20kg
- pass year eleven
- starting February cut down on maccas
- be happy in a bikini
- stabilize my emotional thoughts to a liveable point
- learn how to properly sell a suit without panicking and needing like 5 people to help me measure and size and fit the person
- see Katy perry in concert
- see arctic monkeys in concert
- see macklemore in concert
- take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and not turn it down
- draw more
- complain less

its been 6 months since i wrote this and I’m gonna put a cross through the ones I’ve completed, I’m also laughing bc half of these things like LOL chances, i still have a lot to work on

hello!!! can i just say i got my maths results back today and i got 94% and like i know its not really a big deal but i usually can’t get anything over 60% and I’m so happy i never thought i could ever get that high and ahhh yay


If you can’t deal with my sarcasm. I can’t deal with being your friend. 

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My first highlight of the week and also the first time I’m going to sleep not upset for the first night! I made up with my friend who we kinda had shit at her party and we just had a phone call and everything’s okay and I feel like I have someone who I can talk to and go to about why I’m upset and everything and I feel so enlightened and I’m really happy, so now I’m going to go to bed to fall asleep on this mood, goodnight ❤️

"It is a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger."
- Lemony Snicket, When Did You See Her Last? (via poetrea)

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honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you don’t like me or don’t wanna hang or don’t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me don’t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like that’s such a bitch ass move i’d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.

Not sure why I’m going out, probably gonna cry all over my friend, at least I can have some company with one of my besties

i need a hug so bad right now i can’t stop crying why does bad stuff just keep happening to me, when do i get a break, when can something go right for once, why can’t i feel happy, why did i do to deserve all of this, its not fair 

I’m tryna be optimistic and positive and keep my chin up, but this week has just brought me down and I don’t know how to pick myself back up, and I’m scared because I’ve felt like this before and it was the worst time of my life but now I have no one to help me through it like last time and it’s an even bumpier ride, and I dont know, no one gets me and just down size my feelings if I ever bring them up